Wedding Ceremony by Lauren-Michele Seals, Wedding Officiant

 Your Wedding Ceremony

Upon request, I will be happy to send you outlines of several Wedding Ceremonies.  The selections are non-Religious, Religious or Spiritual in nature.  These Ceremonies run about fifteen minutes in length.

You will always have final approval of your Wedding Ceremony.  Copies of your Wedding Ceremony text will be sent to the members of your Wedding Team Members.  These include your Coordinator, Photographer, Videographer, Ceremony DJ and/or musicians.

You are always able to write your own Vows, or use the traditional Vows provided.  The choice is up to you.  If you opt to write your own Vows, A Wedding Vow Kit will be sent to you.  This handy tool makes the writing process much easier.

You can add any number of Special Elements to create your perfect Wedding Ceremony.  Popular and current special elements include:

 Non-Religious Special Elements

  • ž  Love Letters & Wine
  • ž  Unity Tree Ceremony
  • ž  Sand Ceremony
  • ž  Good Wishes Stones
  • ž  Mother’s Rose Presentation
  • ž  Wine Sharing/Blending Ceremony
  • ž  Memorials
  • ž  Unity Candle Ceremony
  • ž  Hand Joining Ceremony
  • ž  Hawaiian Wedding Ceremony
  • ž  Native American Smudge Ceremony
  • ž  Family Unity Ceremony for Families with Children
  • ž  Jumping the Broom
  • ž  Indian Jaimala Ceremony
  • ž  Japanese San San Kudo Sake Ceremony
  • ž  Chinese Tea Ceremony

 Religious Special Elements

  • ž  Unity Cross Sculpture Assembly
  • ž  The Cord of Three Strands
  • ž  Communion
  • ž  Jewish Breaking of the Glass
  • ž  Cord, Veil and Coin Ceremony
  • ž  Miscellaneous Special Elements
  • ž  Parent’s Blessings
  • ž  Family and Friends Affirmation
  • ž  Expressions from the Gathering
  • ž  Dove Release
  • ž  Butterfly Release
  • ž  Last Kiss to Parents before The First Kiss as Husband and Wife