Wedding Services

We Focus on The Details of Your Wedding Service…  So You Can Focus on Each Other!

 Making Your Wedding Ceremony Perfect

  • Religious or non-religious; the choice is up to you. We will create your Wedding Ceremony your way.
  • Include you and your fiance in the creation of your Ceremony.  Every word will be reflective of your love.
  • Make it the perfect length.  Long or short; the choice is up to you.


Peace of Mind

  • No surprises.  What we create with you is what will happen at your Ceremony.
  • No sermons will be given. It is your Wedding, and the words you have chosen, are what will be said.
  • Punctual arrival on your Wedding Day in appropriate attire.
  • Creation of a warm, relaxed, enjoyable and fun Wedding atmosphere.
  • Eloquent and professional delivery of your Wedding Ceremony.
  • Prompt return of your phone calls and emails at all times.
  • Written contract is always provided.


Attention to Detail

  • All components of your Ceremony will be addressed during the creative process.
  • Keep in close contact with your Wedding Coordinator.
  • Email a copy of your Ceremony to your Wedding Coordinator one month before your Wedding Day. 
  • Arrive early on the Wedding Day and touch base with Wedding Team Members to make sure everyone is aware of what will happen during your Ceremony and no memorable moments are missed. This includes Coordinator, Photographer, Videographer, DJ and/or Musicians.
  • Complete your Marriage License and return it to the County of Origin.
  • Provide a Decorative Marriage Certificate on your Wedding Day.


 Making You Feel Comfortable and Secure

  • Our goal is to help you create incredible memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.
  • You and your fiancé will never have to memorize anything for the Wedding Ceremony.  We will be right there to guide you through every step.
  • We will be there if anything unexpected happens during the Ceremony.  These things are usually minor like a slipping veil or a run-away Ring Bearer, but we have 15 Years of experience so we can manage anything that might occur!